Business Coaches For Osteos, Physios & Chiros

January 4, 2013 by Mike

ok...ok..... this blog is targeted towards our therapy clients who run osteopathy, chiropractic or physiotherapy practices but - as with geographical SEO targeting - there are similarities here that may ring true to any of you who are looking to grow your business.

We have lately had a couple of clients mention the use of Business Coaches in terms of helping them grow their practice. In particular Painless Practice (see seems to be cropping up quite a bit.

Painless Practice talk about growing your practice by targetting 5 main areas:

1. Attracting your ideal patient
2. Generate more interest by communicating more effectively with patients
3. Increase the number of treatments through referrals
4. Improve your patient visit average
5. Empower and motivate your associates

We would really recommend you give them a call to find out a bit more (a phone call doesn't really cost anything does it?) but, in essence, they offer 2 solutions to help you. The first is group workshops that take you through an agenda of actions and the second is one to one support so that you can bounce around a few ideas with an industry expert.

Painless Practice are based in Henley but offer workshops around the UK. Visit them at or give them a call for more information on 01491 659073