Are you a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Osteopath Looking For a Job?

February 1, 2013 by Mike

The wonderful thing about our work at Grow Local is that we get people coming to us all the time who are either newly qualified as a chiropractor, as a physiotherapist or an osteopath, or work for another practice and want to set up on their own, or currently have their own practice and simply want to increase their google presence.

The way I see it is that things are quite different now to how they were 200 years ago (actually they are quite different now than 3 years ago - while the analogy is similar in concept it isn't quite so dynamic). 200 years ago you either had money or you didnt. Everything you could do to make money involved capital. If you had money and could get capital it meant you were in charge. If you didn't have money all you could do was work in a job for the people in charge (you really have to check out what Daniel Priestley has written about this).

It has never been easier to get a website showing in google using our 10 point plan.

What's more we can now set up your website for as little as £75!
By the same analogy if you were a physiotherapist or a chiropractor or an osteopath working in a practice that is pretty much all you could do - carry on working in the therapy practice in a humdrum job lining the coffers of the owner.

Now cometh the revolution - not in the Marxist sense (although I admit it is sounding a bit like it so far) - but a revolution anyway.

We now have a world where you have the power of the internet. People use it all the time. They sit at home on their laptops and ipads, they sit at work on their PCs and they sit in restaurants and bars on their smartphones(!) looking for someone to fix their back or ease their aches and pains. There has never been an easier time to start up your own practice and create your own job. What’s more you don’t necessarily need capital to start up.

I’m afraid at Grow Local we can’t help you with the technicalities of setting up your practice and growing it through various channels (although I understand the guys at Painless Practice are pretty good at this) but we can definitely help you with getting a cost effective website that gathers you leads, new clients and patients from only £75. We use a 10 point plan that helps your site get on the 1st page of google and we offer tips and advice on things you can do to help it.