What is Super Control?

October 25, 2013 by Mike

Super control is an online booking system that gives you marketing tools and business reports to help you understand more about your business.

With Super Control there are no charge transaction fees and they do not take commission, instead you pay an annual licence fee that isn’t influenced on how many reservations you take. Pricing varies depending on how many self-catering properties you run (prices are plus VAT). The prices are shown below:

They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the licence fee; if you feel it isn’t the correct online booking system for your business (this refund doesn’t include the setup fee).

Super Control integrates with18 payment processors (shown below), they all allow an efficent, fast and secure way to pay. All deposits, payments and refunds are processed thorugh your Super Control account and they support all currencies.

How it works with Tower Apartments

The image below shows how the Super Control online booking system looks on the Tower Apartments website. Each of your self-catering properties will have different Super Control forms on them to show different prices and different availability. The form shown below allows your customer to select the amount of adults, children and infants on the booking, they can also select the dates they wish to stay; to make it as easy as possible the calender is colour coordinated so customers can clearly see when the property is available and not.

Once your customer has chosen their particular dates and the amount of people staying, when they have clicked book now they will be redirected to the page below, which is a Super Control webpage, however they replicate your website so their is consistency within the pages, therefore your customer does not doubt who they are paying the money to.

Videos & Help

Super Control offer a lot of free videos so you can feel supported throughout using their services for your online booking system. Here is the link to the set-up video that explains all of the necessary steps you need to start your booking system working efficently: http://www.screencast.com/t/dt4r9wPt2cf

On their website they also have a frequently asked question section that is very useful as they questions they answer are typically the areas people struggle with the most. If you cannot find the answer to your problems from the videos or FAQ's then they have a customer support telephone number: +44(0)8455057400 or email address: support@supercontrol.co.uk