Aimee Cox


Aimee Cox has been a long-time client of ours, so when she asked for a fresh update of her website we delivered! Aimee has a wealth of patients from all ages and backgrounds and is always looking for feedback about her website, which we welcome. This allows us to help her create and manage a website that appeals to her long standing clients and maintains the ease of use we had always incorporated into her designs.

Aimee has a wealth of qualifications that she wanted to display on her website, as showing she is part of important registered bodies within her field is paramount for her patients. They need to know they're in good hands and will be well looked after, this instils confidence in Aimees abilities as a practitioner and can help ease any concerns a new patient may have.


Having designed Aimees previous website, we knew exactly the kind of look and feel to go with. As she has a huge variety of patients we again needed to make sure her website was easy to access and the content was easy to read. We kept the colour scheme which had been so successful, a basic white background with a medical style green to highlight menus, buttons and important information.

As Amiee has built up an extensive list of testimonials over the years, we felt these were an incredibly important feature to have on her website. Especially as the field she works in can cause some patients to be nervous upon first appointments, not knowing what to expect or how much help could be provided. The testimonials page was a great way to help ease concerns of new patients by showing the breadth of Aimees expertise and previous conditions she has treated.

Aimee also wanted to remain transparent about all aspects of her practice putting up clear pages of her pricing structure, what to expect upon first appointments and of course a Google map showing exactly where to find her.

"I entrusted Grow Co. with my new website because they are engaging, professional, and go the extra mile. I was made to feel that my business was valued and that I could develop a partnership with Grow. They got the essence of my brand, spun it with creative flair and came up with branding options which were spot on."

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