If TOWIE fashion bling is your thing then Jewellery Emporium are the go-to people for decking yourself out for Sugar Hut and "Marbs". In fact many of the characters/actors featured on those shows already wear Jewel Emporium lines.This was one of our most comprehensive ODW's to date, not only producing a brand identity and a website that will really engage their customers.


While the jewellery itself is bright and colourful the website needed to be the opposite. It needed a clean, uncluttered and fresh look, where products could really be showcased for purchase, so we kept to a white theme with a hint of pink where appropriate.

We wanted there to be a lot of breathing space running throughout the site so all products could be seen properly and "showcased" to their full potential without any distractions.

We kept a similar approach for the brand identity designing a statement jewel icon, complimented by clean un-fussy typography. We even created a 'wire-frame' version which could be used on boxes and bags and coated in a vajazzled finish to make the packaging really stand out. As always is responsive, making it easy for clients to browse through the products on their iPad or iPhone, so clients can still buy when walking down Brentwood High Street.



"I entrusted Grow Co. with my new website because they are engaging, professional, and go the extra mile. I was made to feel that my business was valued and that I could develop a partnership with Grow. They got the essence of my brand, spun it with creative flair and came up with branding options which were spot on."

Ariana Torti | Massage of Mayfair