Le Chic


We recently completed another One Day Wonder™ for local structural engineering guru Rehan Wazir, and his company Structural Works.

Rehan is a strong-minded client with a good design sense. Another firm had taken a stab at designing a brand identity for him, but he hadn't been overwhelmed with the results. So in the conceptualisation stage we were introduced to some of his favourite architects which we instantly took inspiration from.

Yes, there's a bit of Sydney Opera House, The Shard, and an amazing bridge in Italy that literally pivots 90 degrees.


For the brand identity we used a nice clean, rounded sans style font in hot yellows and oranges, and at a request from Rehan himself, threw in a splash of hot pink to not only give a sense of fun but also distance him from other more conservative, architectural and engineering firms.

In our usual fashion we produced some super-chunky business cards, perfect for those meetings with high-end clients ready to build the next 'Shard'.

The website needed to show off some of the amazing work Rehan has been involved with. So lots of big imagery, clean lines and easily readable text. Interestingly the photography had more impact in black and white than it did in colour. This also allowed the spicy colours of the brand identity to leap off the web page, contrasting it nicely.

The site is obviously responsive, so works well on desktops, laptops (shown), tablets and smartphones.