The Luxton Clinic


The Luxton Clinic is a multi-disciplinary practice with over 15 years experience in treating patients with a variety of conditions. Working in Oxon and Princes Risborough, Bucks they have gained a reputation over the years for quality and excellence by treating their patients underlying issues whilst providing immediate pain relief.

When Debby approached us it was clear we needed a website that matched The Luxton Clinics reputation. Debby was one of the first candidates for our 'Osteopathy Website' service. Debby had seen a template we offered and immediately decided that was the look and feel she wanted her business.


Debby was an organised client who knew exactly what she wanted. Her content was collated ahead of time and she had a clear understanding of what she wanted to highlight and where. So we pulled our socks up and put together The Luxton Clinic.

Looking at her previous website it was clear to us that she wanted her website to be more than just pages of information, she wanted an interactive hub to keep her patients interested. She had videos, links and articles all at the ready, so now it was our turn!

We started by setting up a Youtube channel, giving Debby a means to upload her videos. This gave the potential of more people visiting her website as it was now on the worlds biggest video sharing website, a must for any website sharing video content.

Next we added a blog to her website. This gave Debby the ability to update her website with the latest news and developments within her industry. Having a blog also helps appease Google by showing new and refreshing content being uploaded to her website on a regular basis - boosting her websites overall rank on Google.

"I entrusted Grow Co. with my new website because they are engaging, professional, and go the extra mile. I was made to feel that my business was valued and that I could develop a partnership with Grow. They got the essence of my brand, spun it with creative flair and came up with branding options which were spot on."

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