The nitty gritty

The Grow One Day Wonder™ is a unique package available to SME's and start-ups who need a smart looking brand, SEO ready website and clear direction for their marketing.

If you have a new service or product you're anxious to get to market and have a limited budget then a One Day Wonder is perfect for you! The ODW works because you get 100% of staff time devoted to your project. We won't work on any other projects - all our attention is devoted towards you and your company.


  • 99.9% devotion of the studio to your project for the day
  • Design of 2 logos - choose 1 and work up into finished brand identity
  • Layout to business card and stationery. Maybe roller banner design or a flyer - it's your day and your choice!
  • Bespoke designed website
  • Social Media set-up and crash course of instruction
  • Site is SEO ready - we do everything needed to ensure you'll be found by Google quickly!
  • Product shots + photography
  • Site going live on same day
  • Lots of advice and tips from the team throughout the day!
  • Glass of champagne on completion - you'll need it!

Cost £1500 + VAT

Ask us


In order for the One Day Wonder to work, we split our process into 3 different stages to make sure everything runs smoothly.


The foundation

We start the experience two weeks prior to the day, when we send you some in-depth forms to fill out. These forms really get you thinking about...

  • What your business stands for
  • It's ideal tone-of-voice
  • It's graphical appearance
  • he true aim of your website
  • What you want to be found for
  • How it's going to make you money
  • After thinking hard about your business, send these forms back to us.


Building your brand

Things start to move up a gear now, as we start to design and build your brand and website.

We'll start conceptualising, putting ideas down on paper and using our keen skills to really create a memorable brand identity and website that works.

This stage is vital to make the most of your day which is...


The completion

You'll arrive early, spend the day with us and have your project completed on the same day. That's right, your brand, website and collateral will be ready and live ON THE SAME DAY!

In addition to the brand and website we'll use the time to undertake anything else you need that we can squeeze into the alloted time, such as...

  • Email set-up + synced to all your devices
  • Social Media set-up and crash course of instruction
  • Business collateral layout (cards, letterheads etc)
  • Roller banner design
  • Flyer Design
  • Product shots + photography


Founded by two sister Clio and Athena, they joint forces to create a Black & Sigi; a "contemporary handmade brand of stylish jewellery" from their studio in Leigh on Sea.

We paired their new modern logo, with a fresh, white spaced website. A serif font flowed throughout the site in a softening charcoal grey. Black and Sigi are big on social media, so a instagram feed was placed at the bottom of the site.

When creating the branding, we decided on a sans-serif font, adjusting the size of the ampersand to to add a playful yet chic characteristic. Furthermore, a gold colour was added to create some emphasis and to add a splash of colour.

To fully display all of black and sigis products, a photoshoot here at our creative agency was arranged. We wanted to focus solely on the products themselves, so a white background was chosen to avoid any distractions.


Grow Local recently did a One Day Wonder for Michaela, founder of Infonomics Recruitment Agency. The company needed branding built from scratch, and a new clean website which would allow clients to easily navigate round the site in search for new jobs.

When coming up with a theme for Infonomics, we wanted something that was classy, coorporate and welcoming. We went with a deep blue shade accompanied by a light grey. We introduced a variety of different patterns to create interest, and mainly used this on social media and printed collateral.

'Infonomics match businesses in Central Europe with Business Intelligence specialists', knowing this, pictures of Europe was placed throughout the site to add more vibrance and colour.

We used a serif font to enhance the cooporate feel. We kept the site quite clean, in order for clients to easily find their way and search for new jobs. Further more, clients are able to upload their CVs, to make the application process easy as possible.


We recently completed another One Day Wonder at Grow for GA Lifestyle Assistant - a new breed of lifestyle management - helping clients get back a couple of extra hours in the day.

Prior to her One Day Wonder we did a quick photoshoot to showcase Greta in relevant surroundings that really works well and shows her looking relaxed, confident and capable.

The brand represent everything her company is about - clean, fresh, and contemporary with a few feminine flourishes. We utilised a charming script type treatment, with a complimentary slab serif type.

On the website, we kept the colour palette classy and neutral, using only black, white and beige. We used dark photo filters here and there and added text onto a white background to give the site a bit of breathing space. We ran her company colours - a sophisticated beige, throughout the site to break up and warm the intensity of the black and white.


250 websites and counting

With over 250 websites under our belt we know how to convert your visitors into your customers and we know what makes your pages show in a Google search.


Devotion of the studio

The ODW works because you get 99.9% of staff time devoted to your project. We won't work on any other projects - all our attention is devoted towards you and your company.



We're based in Leigh-on-Sea - a small town on the Thames Estuary, just 40 minutes from London with a fantastic heritage of creativity.

Referrals via my website make up 50% of all referrals received. Better value than any other form of advertising that i have done. Great personal service that you won't get from a bigger company.

Simon Headley

Meet the Team

Who are we


Ian is the front-end dreamboat who puts the nuts and bolts of your website together.

He slices, codes and uploads with aplomb - at the end of the day all eyes are on Ian as he slices through updates like a knife through butter.


Jessica is our Social Media Princess who'll Facebook, Tweet, Pin and 'Gram your brand and business into shape.

She'll sort out all your domains, and help you get your website content in shape to really blow your competition out of the water.


Elliemae is our Junior Designer. She has a keen eye for detail, colour and typography and assists the team with decision making in regards to the overall look and feel of your brand and website.

Elliemae also speaks fluent Swedish which so far has never come in handy.


Rich is our Creative Director and will marshall the overall look of everything from the colour of our coffee mugs to your website.

Rich has a wealth of experience in branding both overseas and in the UK. Trust us, your brand identity and design are in good hands.


Mike is the organisational wing of the operation, and will look after all the back-end important detailed stuff that will enable you to get emails, be found by Google and ensure everything is above board and tickety-boo.

Mike stems from a corporate background and has years of operational and process experience.

Our Office


So you may have a couple of questions that you would like to ask

Surely you can't do my website in one day?

That's the deal. It's a difficult task and we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make things as easy for you as we can: Number 1, we know what we're doing which always helps. Number 2, all our sites are set up from the outset to be google ready using our patented (not really) google checklist - this saves us loads of time and means we can check things off as we go. Number 3 - this is the clever bit - we don't start on the day you come in. We have everything prepared beforehand so that we can tuck in to the detail as soon as you get in.

I need help setting up my emails

That's cool. Bring your phones, tablets and laptops in on the day and we will get everything set up for you so that when you leave you will be able to start work straight away.

I already have a website and/or domain name. Is this a problem?

Not at all. If you already have a website or have already purchased your domain name (your domain name is the web address - ours is and not sure what to do with it we will sort this out on the day. If you haven't already purchased a domain name we will take you through the options, help you decide on the best domain name for your business and get everything in place for you.

I know how important images are to my site. Is this something you can help with?

Of course. Above and beyond everything, we want your new website to be the best it can be and images are central to this. We will generally do some portrait photography on the day (so come prepared) and if you need us to we can come out and take some images of you in action.

What happens if I don't like what you do?

We haven't had that happen yet but we are experts in what we do. Everything along the way is designed to build up in to a final product that you will be over the moon with. From the initial forms we ask you to complete to help us build a picture of you and your business, through to the choice of concepts that we build up in to your final logo. We even give you a choice of style for your website so that you get an idea of what to expect of the final product. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise - you only have to look at our case studies to see how happy our previous clients have been.

I already have a logo - is this ok?

Most people have some sort of idea in their mind about how they want their logo to look. Quite often our clients will already have something they have been using. If you don't want to change your logo then that is absolutely fine and we can build all your new collateral around that. Sometimes though a professional eye over it and a slight change here and there can make the world of difference in terms of the image your company portrays and how you can be seen across all media - from your responsive website through to your business cards. This is what we are good at.

Can you do leaflets too?

The day is yours to pick and choose how you would like us to spend our time. This starts with your business cards and can extend to leaflets (in all the various forms), promotional PDFs, newsletter emails, pop up banners and even short videos.

To get your business looking smashing, contact us about a One Day Wonder today!