Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

Getting to the top of a google search is a real must for a number of businesses. When we set up all our sites we implement a whole bunch of onsite wizardry to help such as search engine friendly URLs and meta tags as well as ensuring your sitemap and your google places listing gets verified.

However for a number of our customers this is not always enough. It may well be that a competitor is above you in a particular google search giving them a competitive edge over you or it may be that you are just not showing as high in a search result as you would like.

It would be foolish of us to say that there is a magic trick to get you to the top of the google and, when you talk to us, you will quickly realise that the overnight changes in google and the intricacies that govern how well you will appear in any particular search are complex and diverse.

With this in mind, we can help. The fundamentals of google and the way that it works allow us to target - and market to - your specific sector, specialty or market area. In short we build a framework on and around your site that gets it to the top of those all important google searches.

There are 4 main factors involved:

1. Keyword analysis and keyword targeting.
Keywords are the search that you type in to google to find something. We provide analysis to determine appropriate keywords for you and your business. Your campaign will be focused on these keywords so they are, in essence, the most important part of the campaign.

2. Search engine optimisation of your website.
Based on your keywords, your site will be optimised to reflect SEO capability. All things are considered, not just the metatags. When it comes to SEO everything counts and seemingly small things like using the correct header tags and checking for duplicate content (we have special tools to ensure you are not repeating content from other sites which can have a detrimental effect to your ranking)

3. Targeted linkbuilding.
This is where we start to use the internet world outside of your site and, through our know how and use of SEO optimisation start to build an online profile for your site. The bottom line is that this gets you to the top.

4. Statistical reporting based on results.
Each month we analyse the results and you get a report based on your progress. Everything is covered for you.

If you would like to find out more about our SEO campaigns and our search engine optimisation services please either complete the form below or give us a call on 01702 552918.