Search Engine Optimization

What we do

We love helping clients get real exposure for their brands both on and offline. One of the most powerful ways you can do this is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Are your competitors getting the edge over you in Google?
Is your website not showing in Google as well as you hoped?

An effective Google presence is paramount to getting you new customers online and the statistics* back this up:

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
  • 1 in 4 searches online are someone looking for a service in an area. On mobile devices this is now 1 in 3.

Grow offer quality managed SEO campaigns to ensure your site shows at its best in Google. You pay monthly, there is absolutely no tie-in, and at the end of each month you get a superb SEO report charting your progress both in the search engines and against your competitors to help you stay one step ahead.

Helping You

All our campaigns come with a 4 step approach:

  • Keyword analysis and keyword targeting.
    We provide analysis to determine appropriate keywords for you and your practice. Your campaign will be focused on these keywords so they are, in essence, the most important part of your campaign.
  • Search Engine Optimisation of your website.
    All things are considered, not just the metatags. When it comes to SEO everything counts and seemingly small things like using the correct header tags and checking for duplicate content can all have an effect.
  • Targeted link-building.
    Through our know how and use of SEO, we'll start to build you online profile for your site. The bottom line is that this gets you to the top.
  • We use a natural approach
    You'll get a frenzy of articles, blog posts, comments and social media links produced for you. It's all manual (no 'bots fhere!) and everything is designed to have the maximum effect on your website. Google likes to see a natural approach for the campaign to have maximum effect.

"Thank you for extraordinairily fast and efficient service in preparing for us a unique branding and design for our new online retail store."

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Case Studies

This work represents the variety and quality of brand, website design and development that we do. The majority of our clients are local, small and medium sized businesses, and we believe all clients should have a brand that can compete with bigger rivals.